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panic-at-the-discount-store asked:
Hiii. Do you have any exact locations of where Freakshow is being filmed in Louisiana? I know they said New Orleans but another site says they're filming in Westwego... my friend is going there next weekend for her bday and really wants to see the set and hopefully meet a few actors (hopefully Evan, she LOVES him). If you have any deetz please private reply this!! Or leave it public so if someone else sees this who knows, they can message me. Tysm, I love your blog <3

Hey, sorry I haven’t been able to get on Tumblr for a while so I don’t know when you sent this! I’m not sure where exactly they’re filming..

Anonymous asked:
In some interview, ryan revealed that her fourth child was some albino person but they never added his scenes bc there was never enough time so they just scrapped it

Aw, I wish they wouldn’t have mentioned him then!

Anonymous asked:
That's so cool!!! Do you think maybe someday you could type up a master post with tips and tricks? Like a tutorial to get the ball rolling for someone who's never couponed before?

The easiest thing you could do is really just find a coupon blog that has a store that you shop at. They post all the matchups and deals each week. They’ll post all the sales and then post all the coupons that you could possibly use to get it cheap. I like to use yeswecoupon.com, darlenemichaud.com, and mavenofsavin.com. They’re very helpful! All you really need is a binder to organize your coupons, get at least one Sunday Paper each week (I never pay for more than one, a lot of people will give me their coupon inserts), and just make sure you read your stores coupon policy! I will probably make a help post on my coupon blog, not right now since it’s 1am, but maybe when I’m not so sleepy :)

Anonymous asked:
Your coupon blog doesn't have an open ask....wait so that really is true. With sales and coupons you can literally get stuff for free and the store lets you take it!? I thought that was just bs for the sake of tv entertainment.

oh, I thought I had my ask open, sorry!

I have gotten sooooo many things for free. There’s actually been times where the store has “owed” me money. But yeah, you can totally get things for free if you wait for them to go on sale and have a coupon for them! The store gets paid when they turn in the coupon + an additional 8 cents, so coupons are basically money.

Anonymous asked:
I don't know if anyone has asked this but in season one Constance (Jessica Lange) says she has 4 children but I only counted 3. Beau the one she kept chained in the attic, Tate, and addy. I'm I missing someone? Or did they just not talk about the 4th one.

Yeah, we only know three of her kids! Her fourth child was never revealed. I believe Ryan was asked about the fourth child in a convention, and he didn’t exactly answer it. So she does have four kids, but we never found out what happened with the fourth.